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The Peanut Roaster offers roasted nuts, flavored peanuts, food gifts, gift baskets, nuts online and fundraising programs.

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A group of Australian scientists came across this “peanut worm” during their deep-sea exploration, which the Internet is responding to accordingly.

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Weird stuff lives in the dark, deep waters of our world’s oceans, and human curiosity dictates that we do our best to find it — and then make fun of it.

Make and share this Peanut Butter Cookies recipe from Food.com.

The Sipuncula or Sipunculida (common names sipunculid worms or peanut worms) is a group containing 144–320 species (estimates vary) of bilaterally symmetrical

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Scientists Found A Weird-Looking Worm & People Can’t Stop Making Penis Jokes

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Offers corporate history, nutritional information, recipes and peanut and snack food information.

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Peanut Butter Jelly Time is a Flash animation that first emerged at the early early part of this century and quickly became an Internet phenomenon. The animation is

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Classic peanut butter cookies will always be a favorite treat. Try variations with chocolate chips or oatmeal, or even a no-bake version.

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Jan 30, 2006 · The original. It’s Peanut Butter Jelly Time!!! Credits: Created By: Ryan Etrata Inspired By: Kevin Flynn Song: Peanut Butter Jelly Time By The Buckwheat mans

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