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The Free Syrian Army (Arabic: الجيش السوري الحر ‎‎, al-Jaysh as-Sūrī al-Ḥurr; abbreviated FSA) is a faction in the Syrian Civil War.

Sirio il Dragone (龍星座の紫龍 Dragon no Shiryu?), nella traduzione del manga Shiryu di Dragon, è un personaggio immaginario, protagonista del manga e I

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These exciting images provide clear viewing of the relationship of Sirius A & B, two of the three stars that comprise the Sirian star system.

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Sirio, o Sirius en su denominación latina, es el nombre propio de la estrella Alfa Canis Maioris (α CMa, también Alfa Canis Majoris), la más brillante de todo el

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There is also an amount of indirect collateral evidence for Sirius C. Red dwarfs are a common class of star but generally small and faint, and hard to observe.

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Altri progetti Wikiquote Wikimedia Commons Wikiquote contiene citazioni di o su Sirio Wikimedia Commons contiene immagini o altri file su Sirio Collegamenti esterni

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I found these in various places on the internet, many of them uncredited and most of them for the taking. If you know who sequenced any of these, please e-mail me so

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Sirius (/ ˈ s ɪr i. ə s /, a romanization of Greek Σείριος, Seirios, lit. “glowing” or “scorching”) is a star system and the brightest star in the Earth’s

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