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Oct 13, 2011 · Video embedded · This is a song about how you can tell someone just had sex because of the way their hair gets matted up in the backCOMMENT ITS HOW WE IMROVEFOR …

So what if you don’t happen to have that stinky smell of sexy that gets the opposite sex hot and bothered? Can you cheat and make up for it with a gallon of “Axe

I have noticed a bad urine smell lately whenever I go to the bathroom. It is so noticeable. I’m very conscious of it during the day. My husband said he noticed it

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WOMEN STINK. The Distinguished Gentleman’s Guide to Vaginal Odor . When I’m not huffing spray paint from paper bags or negotiating peace in the Middle East, my

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If you have ever been worried that having too much sex or a well-endowed partner may cause size changes to your vagina, put those fears to bed (so to speak

Stink definition, to emit a strong offensive smell. See more.

This section is devoted to one thing, hot anal sex stories. Our stories feature first timers – anal sex virgins, as well as those more proficient in the art

Oct 23, 2014 · Women’s Health Thursday, October 23, 2014 Why Does My Vagina Smell? By Heather Rupe, DO. The supermarket shelves are lined with products encouraging us

I am torn about adding Burt’s Bees to this list. Burt’s themselves does not test on s, but they are still owned by Clorox, who does perform testing.

The ancient Romans have passed many traditions on to modern day society, but they certainly had a different perspective on urine. It was seen as much more useful than

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